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Stupid Men

30 Aug

This is exactly why I try to kiss a few frogs at a time, cos I ALWAYS fall for someone really quickly, and then I just end up feeling like an idiot. A fool!

Don’t get me wrong, there are some lovely, lovely men out there, and I’m sure I’ll love all men again tomorrow. For today- today is men suck ass day.



30 Aug

Today I have received 3 texts from TrainCreep. I haven’t replied to a single one.

God loves a trier, but Judy hates a stalker

I’m done with men

30 Aug

I’m turning gay.

I seem to have a habit of attracting really nice guys, but then repelling them away. And also attracting some real creeps who won’t fuck off.  So I’m DONE with men!!
Screw you guys, I’m going gay.


30 Aug

This weekend, I took the Megabus from Glasgow to London, and back again. Don’t ever get the Megabus from Glasgow to London and back again in a weekend. It is horrendous.

The bus down has two ned girls who were absolutely fucked. I mean, completely off their tits. They were screaming, and screeching, and swearing. No one was saying anything to them!! I was about to deck them. But sadly I was at the other end of the bus, trapped at the window. Fucking hell.



30 Aug

TrainCharmer is by far my LEAST favourite man in the world. He is being renamed TrainCreeper.

I thought, why not.  I’ll give him my number, he could turn out to be a fantastic guy. Boy, was I wrong!!!

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27 Aug

I’m going to London!  (But not to buy Heat magazine) Getting the Megabus in an hour and half. I will then be on that Megabus for 8 hours and 5 minutes. Assed to tha maxx!!

Just the thought of it is making me tired.

But sadly, Iwill b away from my blog until Monday.I’ve only just started it, but already, I’m hooked (this reinforces the earlier point made in “To Clarify”)

So long blog. I’ll fill you good and proper on Monday, hopefully with some hilarious antics.

I’m just a notch in you bedpost, but you’re just a line in a blog

Davina McCall

27 Aug

I fucking hate Davina McCall.

I’m so glad Big Brother is over for good, no more of her “Aren’t I quirky?! Aren’t I fuckign hilarious?!” presenting shite. She is the sole reason I don’t use Garnier Nutrisse hair dye. I know it is probably better for my hair, but fuckign hell. If there’s the slightest chance I could turn into her by using that hair dye, I’d rather not risk it.

Urgh, Davina.